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Saturn6 Internet Consulting

metavitae screenshot
Role: Publisher
Actions: Conceived, Designed and Implemented Movable Type Weblog with CSS, MT Modules, MT Plugins and PHP Modules.
Publicity, Search partners, Search Engine Optimization, Directory Signups, Text and RSS Advertising, Email and RSS subscriptions.
Researched and wrote long-form Health Improvement entries with several links to supporting information.

Jacob Burns Film Center

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Role: Product Architect
Agency: Dan Sherman Design
Actions:Collaborative Product Creation From Strategic High-Level to Granular User-Config level. Documents Analysis, Spec Deficit & Red Flag Discovery, Needs Forecasting. Educated Clients, Introduced concepts to bridge gaps, up-sold modules using those concepts. Result: Greater Contract Size & budget through education/exploration. Created DesignDoc/Breakdown, Interview Results & others. Posted to DotProject PM site. Championed "Expand Now, Whittle Later" Discovery Method. "Day-In-The-Life-Of" Use-Case Interviews. Applied client quirks/constraints to architecture & design.

Neighborhood Pay Services

saturn6 NPS screenshot
Role: Architect/Project Manager
Agency: Dan Sherman Design
Actions:Capture, Research & Produce Fully Blown-Out Data Inventory, User Process Flows, Business Process Flows, System Process Flows. Result: Greater Quality through Increased Exploration. Conceived & Produced Outstanding Issues Lists. Documented & Distributed WBS by Phase(s), Timelines & Revised Requirements List. Consulted on Architecture and Procedures with eye toward balancing Functions vs. Financial and Programming Costs


Orthogon Systems (now Motorola Point-to-Point)

saturn6 orthogon/motorola ptp screenshot
Role: Freelance Photoretoucher
Agency: Shelly Creative Services
Actions: Corrected digital photos for alignment, contrast, color and physical defects

Motorola PtP Main
Product Page

Boxes and Arrows Redesign Contest, 5th Place

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Role: Web Designer
Objective: Redesign Site. Minimum 3 pages. Make bolder. Give more of a magazine feel. Be fast to load. Accommodate Advertising. Photoshop, Competitive Analysis, Research. Short Q&A Needs Assessment.

1.home page 2.article page results page 4.op/ed page

USA Tax Outsourcing, LLC

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Role: Technical Producer
Actions: Conducted Needs Assessment Interviews, Wrote Func./Tech. Specs. Researched, Sourced, Configured, and Implemented Client- and Server-Side Applications. Implemented 128-bit Secure Certificates & Interfaced with all Vendors. Tested & Documented final site. CGI, JavaScript, Server Files, Handoff Documentation.

Vitamin Shoppe Industries, Inc.

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Role: Freelance Photoretoucher
Actions: Corrected digital photos for alignment, contrast, color and physical defects. Used Coding Experience to Analyze Processes and Author Photoshop/ImageReady Conversion Automations. Result: Automation w/Time Study produced 38% savings. Created Blind Quality Tests, Group Workflow Diagrams and Storage Usage Forecasts for IT Procurement support.

Shelly Creative Services

saturn6 scs screenshot
Role: Technologist, QA, Troubleshooting
Actions: Consulted with Team Leader and Clients to develop Functional Specs and Bus. Requirements. Recommended Different Web Technologies & Methods based on Use Cases & Site Goals. Aided in Estimating time, budget and feasibility. Result: Several client 'Fires' extinguished early. Wrote HTML, JS, DHTML & CSS; Installed, Tested & Configured CGI scripts. Participated in Design Audits, Competitive Analyses & Cross-Browser/Platform QA sessions.

The Mideast Peace Project

saturn6 mideast peace project screenshot
Role: Front-End Web Design Consultant
Objective: Creation of Mepp's site. Consult on technology & feasibility to support Team Leader, define and facilitate project.

Perry Consulting

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Role: Client Liaison Consultant, Builder, QA
Objective: Troubleshoot, Advise on Functionality & Rollout, Propose Modules & Chart forward course for web property. Result: Improved Quality, Faster Resolution & Huge Confidence Boost for Client in web endeavors.

Chubb Computer Services

saturn6 chubb info exchange screenshot
Role: Business Analyst, Information Architect
Objective: Proposed Data-Driven Student Info System and Knowledge Management System.

Seventh Avenue Communications

saturn6 fashion vision screenshot
Role: Graphic Designer, Flash Designer
Agency: Applied Data Management
Objective: Show rough comprehensive mockups in static & rich media/Flash for different site sections and look/feel combinations.


saturn6 smashmouth screenshot
Role: Designer, Builder
Features: JS Mouseovers w/registered backgrounds, DHTML Popout Menu, Flash Movie, QuickTime Panorama, Site Map, Page Schematics.
Purpose: Advanced Web Design Final Project

Portfolio 2

saturn6 portfolio2 screenshot
Role: Designer, Builder
Features: Frames, JS Mouseovers, Crossplatform Browser-Sniffer & Compensation, Popup, JS Window Params & Resize.
Purpose: Revised/Expanded Print Graphics Portfolio

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 1

saturn6 portfolio1 screenshot
Role: Designer, Builder
Features: JS Mouseovers, Animated GIFs
Purpose: Print Portfolio created in Fusion

Portfolio 1