The Chubb Information Exchange

Website Proposal " Chubb Information Exchange"
My idea is to create a website for Chubb that will be a corporation-wide resource for the exchange of information mainly in the form of themed message boards and a few moderated live chats.

The areas I envision this covering are:
  • Best Practices
    -An archive of the best contributions on practices. -Subsections for each course area, and teaching in general.

  • Instructor Central -Topic Heads on each course area: Top Gun, TCI, etc.
    -corporate-wide info exchange between all Chubb instructors

  • Tech Info Library -An archive of technical issues, a FAQ file of sorts, an online resource of basic computer info/texts.

  • Student Central -Topic Heads and Information Architecture will basically mirror the Instructor Central Section

  • Search -Perhaps a mini Excite/Lycos searchable index of the site to jump more directly to content

Issues to consider are:
  • Filtering- Each Forum will act as a filter for contributions in it. All students will have access to all boards. However, they will only be able to post to boards in their own course track. This will necessitate...

  • Login/PW/Authentication- One feature that might be good to include is some sort of Chubb- authenticated/assigned login and password to discourage any questionable subject matter, flame-wars, or novice questions in advanced course boards. It would also necessitate...

  • Moderators/Monitors for each board

Functionality to consider:
  • Weekly Live Chat -Given Topic
    Every week there could be a moderated live chat based on a given, predetermined subject.

  • Monthly Live Chat - Guest Speakers
    Once or twice a month, Chubb could invite illustrious guests, Alums, Chubb Instructors, Chubb executives, etc. to contribute. There would be a Live Chat Header page with a headshot of the guest speaker , saying (ex.) that Jim Ellison, CEO of Silicon Oracle, will be on live chat Friday the 20th, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm, etc.

  • Chat Archive
    An archive of chat transcripts, or the best of chat transcripts should be kept as a valuable asset.

  • Chat Digest Subscriptions/Email Newsletters

Page Schematic:

Here's a very quick example of what the pages might look like. It's a copy of Apple's FAQ archive and message boards.
This gives a very rough idea of look and features: A possible quote of the day, the familiar message board format, a login and password, four or five simple buttons to link to the head pages for each subsection, Subsection topics and threads, maybe the ability to subscribe to a subsection newsletter/best of thread, etc. Links to the main page, the CCS main site, and feedback/suggestions would be global elements on every page.

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